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brad paisley

She's Her Own Woman Lyrics – Brad Paisley

I called to say I’m working late tonight
To cancel our dinner date but she just said that’s alright
Just like that she made some other plans
Saw a movie with a couple friends had herself a ball
Oh, cause after all

She’s her own woman without me she does fine
She’s her own woman (woahhh) but she’s mine

I couldn’t tell you even if you had a gun to my head
Where we keep the tarragon or even what the hell that is
Well I wouldn’t last 45 minutes in this house without her living in it
I’d be lost yeah that’s for sure but as for her

She’s her own woman without me she’d be fine
She’s her own woman (woahhh) but she’s mine

Raised up a daddy’s girl went out into the big wide world
Has never needed anybody’s help
With everything she does for me,
Oh it’s still a mystery how I fell in love with her all by myself

She’s her own woman
Got it goin’ on, that’s suits me fine
You’re gunna have to find your own woman
Ohhh cause she’s mine.

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